I’ve been passionate about this topic for around 8 years and i held multiple training’s on photography.

For an European training that i held, i developed a peer-learning  method called “PhotoHunt” with the aim of teaching people how to make good photos in an interactive way , and learn from their peers, instead of having to rely on an “expert” who would tell them what they should or should not do.



I prefer to make portrait photos of people when they don`t know that they are being photographed.1398835_515846371847653_453504666_o

When you know that somebody will take a photo of you, in your mind you have a mental process running trying to figure out how to look your best: “Do i look good, i should smile, fuck, now i am smiling too much, now too little, fuck. My hair doesn’t look good, etc” All of these mental processes will make the person look unnatural.


  I am doing now a experiment where i do B/W photos in clubs, without using the flash, with a tele objective to take long distance photos, so that the end result will be a person in their natural state. You can discover some of the photos i took on this forgotten Facebook page :

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