Statistics – Ministry of Justice

I want to make a statistic about all the court files from 2007-2016, around 20 million court cases, to show the increase in the effectiveness of the justice system from 2007 until present time.

Except that, this research will be useful to journalists, activists, because they will be able to find out how many court files existed each year on a specific topic, the medium time to resolve a dispute.

There are many things that i wish to obtain from this. For example, we can see the differences in the amount of money approved by each of the 240 county courts for a case where the plaintiff had to pay compensation, showing that even if we have the same law, there is uneven practice which varies from county court to county court.

In a similar manner, we can see statistically the average conviction time for the same type of cases. It might be possible for one to get an average of 2 years of jail time for a case regarding stealing without violence, let’s say, based on 1032 court files;if your case were to be tried in Iasi city, the average penalty you risk getting would be 3 years and a half, based on the 425 court files that were related with stealing without doing harm which were trialed in the past in Iasi city.

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