Antibody against corruption

The project is called ANTICOR(u)P(tie).

In Romanian it can mean antibody or anti-corruption.

The aim of the group is simple, and can be seen best from the description of the group :

“We are the antibody that can spread a message, fast.

We act as an antibody, and we activate when we will see an unpopular, mean spirited or corrupt initiative that will affect the large percent of the Romanian people. We are talking only of the big, sistemic things that will produce an impact on the world. We don’t create poststhat are limited to just a particular geographic area or class of people.

After we will activate, we will write a message and everybody in the group will spread the message to their peers.

To become part of the group, you need to have at least 1000 facebook friends. At the moment, the group has 109 members.

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