Spray Painting Romania

From 1988 until 2012 i know that i will never paint in my life. I just don’t have the talent i remember saying to myself.

In 2012, i participated in Lithuania in a European project where we had learned how to paint using graffiti spray painting.


It was a eye opening experience for me, because i know that i will never be able to paint because i do not had talent, or this is what i believed until i discover spray painting.But using this method i was able to produce visually pleasant paintings .I liked the technique and when i returned back in Romania i started learning more about the method and learning how to paint.

Is always good to break your own stereotype, so i decided that i will start learning other people too how to paint using this method. I found this method empowering, i remember when i first learned how to paint and i was wondering, what else i can do, but i am too afraid to try/i know that i cannot do it.

From 2012 until now i had teached over 1000 people how to paint using this method, with participants as young as 3 years old or old as 70+ years old.

I did a workshop for British Council where we had 30 deaf children that learned how to paint using this method. Being a visual method, you can apply this technique in situations where you don`t share a common language.

This methods works also with persons with autism.

2 of my apprentices are still holding workshops and trainings in Bucharest, where they further disseminate this useful and beautiful method.