Efficiency / process improvement

I found it really interesting when I was at a 2 days course held by Petre Bica, about process improvement. It was a course that should have cost over 1000 euros, but fortunately for me, he needed/was in need of one more participant and so I got the opportunity to participate for free when he asked the guys from CROS – Universitatea Alternativa if they could find somebody that would be interested in joining.

It was interesting that I already knew and was already doing in an intuitive manner many of the things that he mentioned there. I was not thinking them logically. After I started to also understand the logic behind, it was like I got an upgrade to my system.

I like to be efficient, I don’t like to waste time. If I have to do a repetitive task, I will try to figure out how I can automate some of the processes, how I could finish this task quicker

For example, I was hired by a company that is doing training to help them create a database with all the clients they had. The data was from 2009-2011, and we were in 2015.

It was a mammoth task, updating the data for over 7000 contacts. Almost all  the people from that list were CEO, CTO, and HR managers of the biggest companies in Romania (it will be relevant why this is important in a second)

Almost anybody who is anybody in the corporate world has a LinkedIn profile.

This means, instead of manually searching each person to see if they work at the same firm, a thing that was taking around 5 minutes per each contact, meaning 72 man days of work for all of the contacts.

So i built a program to search directly into google for the name of the person + the old workplace + the position the person held + the email address + the word “linkedin”

Then, for each person, the program extracted the first result in google, and, in 65% of the cases, it was the real linkedin profile that i was looking for, and it was extracting the updated work place of the person and the position he had now.

As an additional benefit, in the database i now also had the linkedin address for each profile that i could use in the future if i needed to further update, and that the firm could use before calling to research, so that it can do a warm approach.