Spray Painting Romania

From 1988 until 2012 i know that i will never paint in my life. I just don’t have the talent i remember saying to myself.

In 2012, i participated in Lithuania in a European project where we had learned how to paint using graffiti spray painting.


It was a eye opening experience for me, because i know that i will never be able to paint because i do not had talent, or this is what i believed until i discover spray painting.But using this method i was able to produce visually pleasant paintings .I liked the technique and when i returned back in Romania i started learning more about the method and learning how to paint.

Is always good to break your own stereotype, so i decided that i will start learning other people too how to paint using this method. I found this method empowering, i remember when i first learned how to paint and i was wondering, what else i can do, but i am too afraid to try/i know that i cannot do it.

From 2012 until now i had teached over 1000 people how to paint using this method, with participants as young as 3 years old or old as 70+ years old.

I did a workshop for British Council where we had 30 deaf children that learned how to paint using this method. Being a visual method, you can apply this technique in situations where you don`t share a common language.

This methods works also with persons with autism.

2 of my apprentices are still holding workshops and trainings in Bucharest, where they further disseminate this useful and beautiful method.


No impact project

The motivation of doing my own project started after I was involved in a project in Latvia on the topic of ecology.

There, I was the leader of a group of 4 Romanians, and ended up writing an email to the European Commission because the ngo was embezzling money from European Funds.

And besides, the project was a total failure. The name of the project was green lifestyle, but 3 out of 7 days we were provided home delivered pizza and fast food.

Most of the planned activities ended up not happening.

I returned to my country with the idea of not waiting anymore to write an European training project, which will provide useful and relevant information’s about ecology, how we can reduce our impact on the world.At the time, I wanted  for around a year to write a project, but I was still considering that I don’t have the necessary experience and that I still needed to learn before doing it..

Life advice. Follow your intuition, follow your dreams. Apply to what you want, make concrete steps in the direction that you want, even if you will fail often and hard in the beginning. This is how we learn.

I based the idea of the project around the “no impact project” that a guy from New York started, during which he, his wife and their two children tried to live for one year without consuming the earth resources, or at least to consume at least as possible.

Each of the trainings days were centered around a central topic:

On one day we were learning about consumerism. The participants would end up learning from where they were buying the products whichwe consume and how this is related with human trafficking in east Asia countries.

On another day we would approach the idea of water consumption, hidden water needed for preparing our food, for making our clothes.

The participants learned how to assess the whole life cycle of a product and see the necessary water costs in each step of the process.

The project was held in Cluj-Napoca,Romania and involved 37 participants from 4 European countries.

At the end of the project, we created 200 textile bags out of 60 kilograms of second hand t-shirts and gave them to the participants of a TedX Conference, if they were able to guess how many liters of water you need to make a thirt.

Or how many liters of water you need to make 1 kilogram of beef meat.

After they would have guessed, we explained to them that 30 percent of the world agriculture is used now to feed the cows and livestock that we are afterwards eating. And this is directly collated with the cutting of forestry in the Amazonian forests.

The aim of the project was to teach the participants useful and simple life hacks that they can use to be more sustainable.

Each participant received an aluminum refillable water tank, a Swiss knife with aspoon and fork, that can be useful when you are in the city and you want to eat at a fast food, but you don’t want to have to use the plastic cutlery provided by the fast food joint, because you will waste plastic for a thing that you will only need for 5 minutes.

Consider that this was made in China, from petrol that traveled by sea from middle eastern countries into a Chinese harbor.

From that harbor, the petrol traveled by train to a factory which turned it into plastic,

Then transported by bus from the first factory to another factory which produced plastic forks and spoons..

Transported then from the factory to the harbor.

From the Chinese harbor to the one in Europe, probably Amsterdam or Rotterdam. From there, they are transported again from the harbor to a storage.

From the storage they are transported by bus to Romania to another storage.

From the last storage they are transported to a hipermarket that sells them in bulk quantity to fast food owners.

And then you will take them, use them for 5 minutes and then throw them in the garbage, where they will be transported again for at least 2-3 times.

Really, it is stupid to waste these resources when we can use a metal spoon that you can easily wash and don’t consume resources.

Make a list with all of the things that you grow to the garbage, that you use less then five minutes.

Think of everything from the plastic that you grow after you eat that bag of chips, the plastic cattery, the plastic cups that you use when you go eat at a fast food.

Instead, you can challenge the status qua and ask for juice in your own metal reusable can that you have. Try this as McDonald’s, at kfc, etc

They will not have a valid argument to refuse you. They will even have a bigger profit, because they will remain with the plastic cup.

My solution is that if we want to change something in this world, we have to start with ourself. With the decisions that we take. Or the once that we choose not to do.

I choose to buy my vegetables in textile bags instead of the single use plastic bags that I can get from the supermarket.

I choose to drink tap water or buy a water filter and don’t buy bottled water anymore, and in this way a save plastic.

It’s s more sustainable approach.

Statistics – Ministry of Economy

I wish to continue and enrich the statistics that i started regarding the evolution of the Romanian enterprises from 1990 until 2016.

Now, i was able to use the data provided from data.gov.ro, the open data portal in Romania, which contains only the name of the enterprise, the year when it was created, the county and the city or village where it resides.

What i would need from this statistics is the number of employers for each company, the amount of revenue per each company, and its activity type.  

Until now i was able to produce a 51 page report which you can read here (RO)  http://www.slideshare.net/baditaflorin/imagine-de-ansamblu-asupra-firmelor-din-romania-in-perioada-1990-2015

Statistics – Ministry of Justice

I want to make a statistic about all the court files from 2007-2016, around 20 million court cases, to show the increase in the effectiveness of the justice system from 2007 until present time.

Except that, this research will be useful to journalists, activists, because they will be able to find out how many court files existed each year on a specific topic, the medium time to resolve a dispute.

There are many things that i wish to obtain from this. For example, we can see the differences in the amount of money approved by each of the 240 county courts for a case where the plaintiff had to pay compensation, showing that even if we have the same law, there is uneven practice which varies from county court to county court.

In a similar manner, we can see statistically the average conviction time for the same type of cases. It might be possible for one to get an average of 2 years of jail time for a case regarding stealing without violence, let’s say, based on 1032 court files;if your case were to be tried in Iasi city, the average penalty you risk getting would be 3 years and a half, based on the 425 court files that were related with stealing without doing harm which were trialed in the past in Iasi city.


I love statistics, i feel that they can be a useful metric in a world full of irrationality.

You can give 10 examples of people that smoked cigarettes and ended up living 100 years, but if we use a high enough sample, let’s say 500,000 persons, and see the medium lifetime and cause of death, we will get a more realistic view on the damage caused by tobacco.

Maps / Digital Art


1.61 Gigapixel image showing the concentration of the points of interests in OpenStreetMap, around 2 years ago. 



4A0 250 dpi OSM Map of Bucharest https://www.dropbox.com/s/goz41vn24ole42h/4A0_250dpi_bucuresti_black_print_green_version_and_red_tag_count_with_version_nodes.png?dl=0

In this map below, i tryed to reprezent a matrix of data into a single view.

The red thickness means the number of attributes each way have, the thickness of the green line mean the version of the way. The same with the dots, the size depends on different parameters.mapssss


The guide of the collective activist

The idea of the guide is to help you learn how to have a more productive conversation, based on arguments, not emotions.

Be knowing this guide, you will have the necessary instruments to correct logical fallacies (argumentation errors) of people who are not aware of such things.

As Osho said: “The only thing that i would like to give to you is the taste of knowledge. This will change your whole life. It`s not about disciplining you, it’s about shining from inside you”

Some of the examples in the guide are:


I consider that each of us should show interest in the political part of things which are happening in our countries, and that we should get involved, either by direct or indirect actions. The idea is that if we don’t get involved, other persons will. And we, who have good principles and values, an open source, and a decentralised mentality, can apply these innovations in the public space, in politics

We don`t have a leader, we are the internet.

Following the 2015 tragedy at Colectiv, a nighclub were over 60 people lost their life because of corruption, people took to the streets and gathered, with accounts putting the total number at over 35,000 protesters, the largest protest since the 1989 revolution that ended communism in Romania.  

In the aftermath of the protest, the government and the corrupt mayor that made the tragedy possible resigned, and it was time to put a new government in place.

When the president of Romania, Klaus Iohannis, wanted to consult the very next day with 20 people who got to act as the representatives of civil society, all hell went loose.

People started to fight and to take sides. Some were saying that nobody should go. A lot of people were saying that they should go. Others were saying that everybody should go. People whowere friends the day before started accusing each other and saying that X should not go, because Y.

It was chaos and it was dividing people in a never before seen fashion.

In total, 5,520 persons applied to go to the consultations.

What i really disliked about this is that the consultations were first of all missing the point, and, second, that they were excluding everybody who was not living in Bucharest, meaning that 90 % of the population of Romania and all of the diaspora community would be excluded from this private meeting.

My solution was to send instead only one thing: a laptop.

“In this laptop we will have a summary of all our opinions.

Regarding the political parties, the things are clear. We don’t want any of the old political parties which are in power at the moment, and until we will organise, this will require some time”. Step by step, as somebody was saying (step by step is a book written by our president)

From our point of view, the stake of these negotiations is not in throwing one corrupt government and changing it with another. All the old political parties are the same crap”


In the end, our solution was not adopted, but at least myself and 62 other people ended up not falling into the trap and mindset of having to choose a leader.


In the end, i will attach a translated version of the letter we have sent to the president.

Dear president  Klaus Iohannis,

Allow me to speak on behalf of the next 62 persons :

Florin Badita Alexandru,vlasceanu theodora,Diana Luppa,Camelia Tanase,Rosca Georgiana,Adriana Florescu,Adriana Florescu,Marilena Nicolaescu,ramona dochia,stefan nosec,Mihai,IONESCU MIHAELA-CARMEN,Luana Dragu,Pop Stefan,DAVID IONUT,Lorena,Adina Lionte,butnariu constantin,Nicolae,Serban Popescu,Popescu Ionel Claudiu,Iliescu Costin,Cosmin Chirpereanu,Ovidiu,Ionut Puiu,avram ionut,Iolanda Marasescu,Florescu Maria,Peter Catalin,Calin,Sabina,EUGENIA FILIP,Mihaela Pana,Albu Mircea,Corina Tudorache,Alexandru Bradescu-Popa,Radu Marinescu,roxana alexandra popa,banica razvan,Andreea,Rusu Cristian,Eduard Volff,Nicu,Nitu Florin-Adrian,ciuntuc daniel,Diaconescu Olivian,Beatrice,Florescu Florin,Alexandru-Calin Graur,blinda flavia,BARAONECI,Tudor,Robitu,Daniel Chiriac,Mara Marnas,Isabela Tripon,Tiganciuc Ciprian,kovacs gabriela mariana,Cristina Rentea


These people have signed this form, after reading our proposal  https://www.facebook.com/coruptia.ucide/photos/a.417087058480205.1073741828.417077815147796/417877638401147/?type=3&theater , and decided that they wanted to be represented in the talks which will happen tomorrow afternoon by an object :

A laptop


Some of the people want this because of the physical distance to Bucharest (Cluj, the diaspora community), a thing that, for good motives, is a discrimination, limiting access to Romanian people who don’t live close to Bucharest.


There is a lot to talk about, we have time tomorrow, we have already started writing here :




By allowing tomorrow a bike courier to deliver a laptop to the presidential palace, you will allow the people from the list above to express their opinion.


Have a good day,

Florin Badita