For 5 years i am in charge of developing the worldwide project OpenStreetMap in Romania, via a facebook page that now have over 1300 likes and a facebook group that have over 300 members and active community.

In 2015 i had moved to Cluj-Napoca to work as a Map Analyst for Telenav, a US firm that uses OSM data.

I worked as a consultant for the World Bank, as a OpenStreetMap expert.

Why is so cool OSM ? Because it is Open-Source. We are a community of over 3 million persons from all around the globe that we want to make a free and open source map of the world.

Q: What you can do with it ?

A:  Everything.

You can find out what shop is open at 3 in the morning near you, or what pharmacy you can find open on sunday morning, at 4 am.

Over 650,000 locations have also the accessibility informations, so that if a person that is in a wheelchair want to come to Cluj-Napoca and needs to know exactly n what hotel they should check-in that is accessible for them, they can find out directly from the internet. They can see also where they can find a accessible restaurant for them, a club, etc.

You can try to see how this map looks here :