Investigative Journalism

I first discovered investigative journalism when I was at a 3 day training with rise project,as a activist and computer science expert.

Most of the data that the reporters at rise project deal with is received in scanned pdf or in word documents.

      • (Casa journalistului) The journalism house

One of the first task in that I got involved was with a word document 3500 pages long, with the list of all the betting firms in Romania.

From this I had to convert the document into a excel file, using different formulas and custom scripts that I had written.

Out of this resulted a map with all the betting places in Bucharest,crosses referenced with all the public schools in Bucharest, data obtained from openstreetmap.

With this map we were able to show that al least a dozen of the betting places were not respecting the 100 meters distance rule all betting activities have to respect, according to Romanian legislation.