Maps / Digital Art


1.61 Gigapixel image showing the concentration of the points of interests in OpenStreetMap, around 2 years ago.


4A0 250 dpi OSM Map of Bucharest

In this map below, i tryed to reprezent a matrix of data into a single view.

The red thickness means the number of attributes each way have, the thickness of the green line mean the version of the way. The same with the dots, the size depends on different parameters.mapssss


The guide of the collective activist

The idea of the guide is to help you learn how to have a more productive conversation, based on arguments, not emotions.

Be knowing this guide, you will have the necessary instruments to correct logical fallacies (argumentation errors) of people who are not aware of such things.

As Osho said: “The only thing that i would like to give to you is the taste of knowledge. This will change your whole life. It`s not about disciplining you, it’s about shining from inside you”

Some of the examples in the guide are: